How can we Extend Healthy Drinking Habits beyond Dry July?


The Dry July is a campaign to encourage Kiwis to say no to alcohol for the month of July to raise funds for New Zealanders suffering from cancer. Whilst everyone’s in hibernation replacing their Robin Hoods with herbal teas, that’s not to say we despise Dry July. Ultimately, Robin Hood too is a charity driven company, promoting quality over quantity. But can we extend our good intentions beyond the month of July to create healthy drinking habits throughout the year?

Were you ever told as a kid that you couldn't have ice-cream until you finished your dinner? Did it make you want to eat your dinner more? NO, of course not! Well, it's often the same with Dry July; by setting rules and telling ourselves we can’t have something, we want it even more…and before you know it, we’re straight back into old habits. But what would happen if we slowed down the drinking, paid more attention to the aromas, the texture, and how the flavours hit the palate? What if we adopted mindful drinking?

So what is mindful drinking? 

Mindful drinking is about bringing your awareness to why, what and how you are drinking. It’s about empowering you to make mindful decisions about your drinking rather than being on autopilot and getting swept along with the current (1). Rather than abstaining, the ultimate goal of mindful drinking is to improve your relationship with alcohol and create more sustainable healthy drinking habits (1). Not to mention, there is an extensive list of health benefits that come with reducing alcohol intake (2). If we allow ourselves to be present in the moment, appreciate and savour every sip, then we are more likely to enjoy the drinking experience and find satisfaction with less volume. 

The mindful drinking movement

Interestingly, research has shown that many of us are already adopting mindfulness techniques. In line with the movement towards ‘healthier’ alcohol alternatives (such as low carb, low sugar and natural), we’re finding more New Zealanders are now ditching the binge drinking in favour of mindful drinking (3). Kiwi’s are opting for quality over quantity, wanting to enjoy and savour the flavour experience (3, 4). Rather than cutting out drinking altogether, it’s about indulging in moderation and we’re finding consumers would rather choose a high-end beverage to enjoy in small quantities (5).

Whilst Robin Hood won’t be partaking in Dry July, what we will continue to do is promote quality over quantity; produce high-end cocktails that encourage customers to savour every sip; and promote mindful drinking to enhance the flavour experience. What will you be doing?