Emerging Alcohol Trends for Summer 2022 - 2023


Over the past decade we’ve seen the liquor industry explode with Ready-to-Drink (RTD) seltzers flooding the market. Recently there’s been a shift towards ‘healthier alternatives’ with claims of ‘low carb’, ‘low sugar’ and ‘natural’ spamming the liquor store shelves. If we think back to just ten years ago, the only RTD’s you would find on the selves were sugar ridden Vodka Cruisers. Now we are spoiled for choice with the likes of Pals, Clean Collective, Long White and Odd Company… just to name a few. So what’s next for the RTD scene?

Health and wellness: 
We are seeing consumers actively seeking lifestyles that align with health and wellbeing (1) and research shows that Kiwi’s are making more health conscious choices when it comes to their alcohol too (2). Rising consumer demand for ‘better-for-me’ drinks is having a huge influence on the alcohol sector (2). This means we can continue to expect to see claims like ‘low sugar’, ‘natural ingredients’ and ‘organic’ sticking around. 

Bold flavours: 
Say goodbye to lightly flavoured seltzers and hello to a world of bold flavours! We are now seeing more consumers asking for “loud and proud” beverages, wanting to really ‘taste’ the natural flavours of real ingredients (3). With the current climate, people are embracing tropical flavours that remind us of sipping cocktails on summer vacations (5). We are also seeing more interesting earthy, herbal and botanical flavours emerging overseas such as black tea, rosemary, anise and turmeric (2, 3). The beverage industry is now given freedom to create innovative and exciting flavour combinations that we’ve never seen before! 

Canned Cocktails:
Experts are predicting that canned cocktails will be the number one drink of choice this summer. Instacart's Trends Expert tells us that "With summertime travel reaching new heights this year, whether folks are adventuring far from home or gathering in a loved one's backyard, we believe convenience, price point, and new, buzzy options will be key factors when deciding which beverages to purchase."