Robin Hood Challenging New Zealand’s Binge Drinking Culture


Many people often ask us, “why don’t you do ten packs of your drinks like the other RTDs?”. When we were creating the Robin Hood brand and beverage, one thing we knew from the get-go, was that we didn’t want to create just another RTD that would add to New Zealand’s binge drinking culture. As Otago University graduates we have experienced New Zealand’s binge drinking culture first hand and wanted to do something different. Anyone can create an RTD with carbonated water and flavours, put it in a ten pack, sell it for dirt cheap, market it to 18-25 year olds and students will buy it! That’s easy and will almost guarantee sales and profit! 

An important factor to point out is that both Robin Hood founders come from a background in health. This might sound controversial given two health professionals started an alcohol company, but we did it to challenge New Zealand’s binge drinking culture with the intention of bettering the community. In this way, the four-packs of Robin Hood drinks also align with the alcohol.org.nz and Ministry of Health alcohol guidelines. We know people are still going to drink alcohol so we believe it’s all about encouraging moderation and safe alcohol consumption. Plus, with our organic fruit juices and quality ingredients, we’ve created a more flavoursome organic cocktail, so people are more likely to want to savour the taste and enjoy the beverage. 

Admittedly, we chose the hard route, but it's a route based on ethics and our core values. Robin Hood chose quality, organic ingredients that come at a higher cost. We also chose to market our four-packs to a mature audience, wanting to enjoy a quality beverage in moderation. All in all, Robin Hood drinks attempts to discourage binge drinking and promote a safer drinking culture in New Zealand.