Our Story

The tale

You may have heard of the old tale of Robin Hood... now in the 21st century, I am back to continue his work.

Though the real me will remain a mystery, the thing we have in common is giving back to those in need. While you sip in luxury, I am making a difference to those struggling, in whatever way I can help.

Stealing isn't my forte, even if tempting... so I have paired the tasty drop of alcohol as my ruse, with the clear conscience of helping the people of Aotearoa.

Like me, everything in this tasty drop is organic, and with carefully selected New Zealand ingredients, these drinks not only taste like something you have never tasted before, but also helps those in need.


Robin Hood drinks are crafted using organic, three-times distilled vodka, made from organic sugar cane, and organic fruit juices and extracts.

Authentic Ingredients

Robin Hood drinks combine natural fruit juices and extracts, giving an authentic taste. We also add natural sparkling water for a refreshing fizz. Nothing else.  


Robin Hood believes in an open relationship between us and you, our customer.

We provide updates and transparency as to where Robin Hood is making a difference in the community. Check out Our Mission for updates.


Robin Hood turns fairy-tales into reality, because everyone deserves a little sparkle in their lives. Follow the tale at Our Mission.

Drawing by Gabriel Davies.